PhD Competitive Assessment

Determine where your biggest weaknesses are and how to overcome them so you get accepted into top PhD programs with full funding.

This assessment will help you...


Determine if you are undervaluing your experience, and only aiming for “safe schools”

which means you never reach your fullest potential


See hidden blindspots that may keep you from getting accepted at top PhD programs

which keeps you in the “rejected” pile instead of the “accepted” pile

PhD admission strategy is not one-size-fits-all.

The FearlessGrad Competitive Assessment identifies where you land today on a scale of “not likely” to “extremely likely” of you getting into top PhD programs.

Then it helps you identify and reflect on what you and other PhD hopefuls are going through - and lays out specific action steps you need to take to raise your odds of success.

How does this assessment work?

3 simple steps to results:



I’ll walk you through a quick (4 min) overview of key terms and how to use the assessment.



You’ll fill in your answers and assess your score.



You’ll receive our targeted “how to improve” guide for each area of weakness, and then you’ll be able to improve your odds of getting in with funding.

After completing the FearlessGrad assessment, you’ll feel confident working on your PhD applications.

Instead of constantly wondering what to be working on, you’ll have a clear path forward so you can focus on what really matters and stop worrying about the rest.

We've helped thousands of PhD hopefuls get clarity and crush their PhD goals, now it's your turn.


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